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Brazil and Sweden have a Strategic Partnership since 2009. The partnership was renewed through a new Action Plan in 2015 with the creation of the High-Level Group on Aeronautics (HLG) with a focus on the aeronautic sector. In 2016, the INNOVATION PARTNERSHIP on Innovative High Technological Industrial Cooperation (SGI) was initiated to strengthen and formalize cooperation in areas outside aeronautics. The focal point of the SGI in Sweden is the Ministry of Climate and Enterprise (KN) and in Brazil, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI).

Under the SGI, which gathers at a high-level governmental yearly meeting, is located the Executive Committee of Innovation (ECI). ECI is responsible for carrying into effect the bilateral cooperation in science and innovation during the year through bilateral meetings with the two above-mentioned ministries as focal points.

In 2019 during the high-level meetings in October, a proposal for an Action Plan was presented with four selected areas: Life science (Healthcare), Smart Cities (updated in 2023 to Sustainable Cities) , Sustainable Mining, and Bioeconomy.

In 2020-2021, the Point of Contact in each area from both countries were appointed to further the collaboration by mapping the landscape of the countries and to promote the integration between interest actors. Besides this, a group of funding agencies started regular meetings to plan innovation calls. Since 2020 there have been several opportunities for matchmaking and calls.

As the cooperation is getting better every year, a new action plan was proposed and approved in 2023.

» PDF 2023 Action Plan
» PDF 2015 New Action Plan
» PDF 2009 Strategic Partnership