Life Science


Brazil and Sweden deem health as part of their ST&I strategies since it is a main concern in both countries. The planned actions for the coming years intend to carry out bilateral collaboration in RD&I by exchanging knowledge and best practices, implementation of new technologies, improvement of the conditions for healthcare, development of innovative solutions for the health sector, facilitation of the interaction, mobility and capacity building in the digital area as well as creation of opportunities for Brazilian and Swedish companies in the health sector.

Main area

The main topics to be explored in the bilateral cooperation considering the new approach to health, taking into account the development of ICT and AI tools. In this sense, the Health Subgroup will explore actions in:

  • Data sharing;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Digital/ distance care;
  • Biosensors;
  • Prevention of pediatric obesity;
  • Implementation and change management;
  • Innovation mechanisms;
  • Medical records;
  • Lifestyle, health and prevention;
  • Monitoring and care in the home;
  • Internet psychiatry

Project Approved

2021: e-SHARE: eID enabled Standardized and HArmonized health REcords management. In the Brazilian side CERTI and in the Swedish side Stockholm University and Actadig Digital Health Services AB. The call was from Vinnova-Embrapii-Senai.

Participating Research Institutes and Universities

Participating Industries and Startups

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