Brazil and Sweden consider the development of the bioeconomy as part of their strategies for sustainable development. Both countries make efforts to develop a sustainable and circular bioeconomy, taking advantage of the natural opportunities offered, such as forest resources and biodiversity, and making use of the capacities in research and development, such as bioindustries.

Main areas

The Bioeconomy Sub-Group singled out two themes for the bilateral cooperation:

  • Sustainable forest management;
  • Technologies for biorefineries.

Project Approved:

  • LignoMat (Bio-based materials from Kraft lignins). In the Brazilian side Klabin, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) and Senai-Cetiq and in the Swedish side Valmet AB, RenCom AB (now Lignin Industries) and Rise. The funding was from Vinnova-Finep.
  • Ligno-nano (Cellulosic hybrids as multi-functional ingredients in Cosmetics formulation). In the Brazilian side we had the participation of De Mendes Indústria de Chocolates 100% Amazônia, Senai-Cetiq, Senai-Biomass. And from Sweden Rise AB and Rise Innventia. The call was from Embrapii-Vinnova.
  • SmartGraphelignin (Bio-based Smart Materials from Kraft Lignins). Rise Innventia, Rise AB and Bright Day Graphene are on the Swedish side, and Senai-Cetiqt, ISI-EQ and Klabin on the Brazilian side. The call was from Embrapii-Vinnova.

Participating Research Institutes and Universities

Participating Industries and Startups

For more information on cooperation and activities, please contact:

  • Tomas Anderson, Head of Sales Pulp, Paper & Packaging at RISE Bioeconomy & Health:
  • Ewellyn Capanema, Researcher at RISE, Expert in lignin chemistry and bio based materials:

Upcoming activities:

  • Discussions to improve cooperation;
  • Working on the MoU of SENAI and RISE Bioeconomy & Health division to increase the efforts in producing more cooperation with meetings (since beginning of June 2021) bi-weekly to structure, formulate potential areas and find ways to collaborate further within the Bioeconomy area.